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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Magic of Disney

The magic of Disney began for me as a small child anxiously watching The Wonderful World of Disney each week.   My mom took me to Walt Disney World in 1971 just after the opening of the park. I LOVED it! It was such a magical place. I absolutely LOVE all things Disney!

We have been to Disney World more than 20 times and have stayed at most every resort.  This enables me to know the best resort to match your needs.  The experience I have gained first hand enables me to help create the most magical vacation for each and every person who books with me. I will create your vacation to your specific wants and needs. 

One particular Disney Difference Moment for my family that really stands out, was when we were picked to be the "First Family" to open Hollywood Studios for the opening ceremony in 2006.  We got to go on the other side of the rope where the Cast Members are.  We were part of the opening act and got to ride on the little car with the Cast Member to choose a ride to ride before any other guests could ride.  My daughter, Kennady who was 4 at the time looked at the lady and loudly said, "Rock N Roller Coaster!!!!" The lady was astonished that a 4 year old would choose that very awesomely fast ride.  My son asked the Cast Member if she would like to ride with us and she told him that in all the years she had worked there, that he was the very first person who asked her that! She gave him a big hug and told him she would love to ride it with our family.  She sat several seats back so she would not be in our picture while on the coaster.  They gave us an 8x10 photo of us on the ride and sent it to Guest Services so we would not have to carry it with us.  We got to ride OUR VERY FAVORITE RIDE all by ourselves!! It was AWESOME!!! What a priceless memory to cherish! My kids still talk about it to this day.  Unfortunately, since the opening of Toy Story Mania they no longer do this with the guests. 

My love of Disney continued into adulthood when I began taking my own children who love Disney World as much as I do. This excitement channeled into planning MAGICAL Disney vacations for others as well as my own family, co-workers, and friends.

Now, as a mother of teenagers, I try to make sure that we go to Disney World as often as possible. There is NO place like Disney World in our opinion!

I am excited to say I was able to sail on the Disney Dream Inaugural Cruise in January 2011!

Disney cruises are AMAZING!!! I cannot wait to go on another one and take my family with me to experience the Disney difference.

I am a College of Disney Knowledge Graduate, and have extensive knowledge of Disney. I specialize in hassle-free, personalized and immersive Disney vacation experiences. I am committed to putting together vacations that match the needs and wants of my clients no matter what they may be. My attention to detail enables me to make memorable vacations of a lifetime.

I take care of all the details down to your dining reservations as well as making a personalized itinerary for each and every client. Disney Destinations are my passion! BEST OF ALL, my services are FREE!!! 

I absolutely LOVE cruising! Disney Cruises are AMAZING!

  • Disney College of Knowledge Graduate
  • Working towards CLIA Accredited Cruise Counselor Status
To book your next magical vacation please contact me! 

Anna Mullins

Vacation Planner

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