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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Why Use a Disney Travel Specialist?

Why use a Disney Travel Specialist?

Disney Travel Specialists have completed the College of Disney Knowledge which is an online program course that covers Disney Destinations:  Disney World®, Disneyland®, Disney Cruise Line®, Aulani, and Adventures by Disney®. I highly recommend a travel agency such as Enchanting Destinations, that specializes in Disney Destinations, requires its agents to have advanced experience with Disney destinations, including in-person, on-site visits, on-site tours, and on-site agent education programs. 

Needless to say, planning a Disney vacation can become overwhelming with the enormous amount of details involved.  It is a very time-consuming endeavor.  Using a Disney Travel Specialist gives you the best of the best! You have a Dream Maker specializing in Disney Destinations that is working for you to find you the best deals. Our services are FREE.  We take care of all the details from booking your reservation, reserving your dining choices and entertainment, to arranging airline transfers, as well as creating a personalized and detailed itinerary. 

Your Disney Vacation Planner will provide you a one-on-one and totally personalized experience. We are not a call center; we are individuals who visit the parks regularly and LOVE Disney! We will constantly monitor your reservation for the best possible deal.  As soon as a better deal becomes available, we automatically apply it to your reservation to save you money.  Our Disney Vacation Planners are knowledgeable and can book whatever you might need from family vacations, family reunions, to very large groups, events, or organizations.  We can take care of surprise parties, engagements, weddings, and any other special occasion you might have! Our Dream Makers are there with you from start until you travel Pixie Dust in hand!   
Have a question? Need dining suggestions? Resort suggestions? A packing list? Touring tips? We are only an email, text message, or phone call away! Let us plan your Magical vacation while you relax and tell us what you wish for.   Planning Disney vacations is our passion!
Travel Agent Use Etiquette Reminder
Please remember travel agents work on a commission only basis paid via the vendor, thus it is not fair to have an agent do a lot of research for you, and then book your vacation elsewhere. That is just wrong. Please be considerate of the agent who does the research and quotes for you.  Build a good working relationship with your travel agent.  
Who am I?
I am a Disney Vacation Planner.  Please let us take care of all of your vacation wishes.  Who doesn’t need a vacation sprinkled with Pixie Dust?
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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Don't Forget! WDW FASTPASS Return Time Enforcement Begins March 7, 2012!

We have been told that Cast Members at the Walt Disney World Resort have been informed that enforcement of the FASTPASS return time window will begin on March 7, 2012. This means guests will be allowed to return to an attraction with a FASTPASS during the time frame indicated on the FASTPASS – not any time after the window as was the previous policy until now.

The new policy states that – guests can now return 5 minutes prior to the window (ending the backlog of guests who arrive a few minutes early), and Cast Members are being told to accept the FASTPASS up to 15 minutes after the window as a courtesy.

Currently this new policy is anticipated to begin on Wednesday, March 7, at the Walt Disney World Resort, though there is still time for Disney to change the exact date and time this goes into effect. At this time, there is no word of a similar policy for the Disneyland Resort.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mobile munchies: Make your own Disney dining reservations on the move!

Disney World has introduced another way to make on-the-go dinner reservations at its theme parks and resort restaurants. Strolling through Magic Kingdom but wondering what's available for dining in Epcot tonight? You're now able to use an iPhone, Android or Blackberry Smartphone to check the options and make reservations.

This development is an extension of the online dining reservation system launched in May, says Heather Caplinger, senior product manager for Walt Disney Parks & Resorts Online. Since then, the site has been optimized for use with those specific phones.

"We give them more ways to search for available table service restaurants, and also more time to choose from," Caplinger says. "It was all about providing the guests with more options."

It's not an application. Potential diners with iPhones, Androids or Blackberrys merely steer their devices' web browsers to

"It's our true availability at that time," Caplinger says.

It won't result in instant seating. Disney requires reservations be made at least an hour in advance of the desired seating time. But maybe it will help get last-minute diners some choices in a tight situation. Many Disney reservations are snapped up by visitors who know where they want to eat on Disney property long before they arrive. Reservations can be secured 180 days in advance, but locals are less likely to know their dining desires that far out.

"They [reservations] do fill up quickly," Caplinger says. But there are late cancellations.

"Guests who weren't unable to get availability or just didn't book in advance … can quickly make reservations and check table-service availability in the park."

Snow White's Scary Adventures to close May 31

Snow White's Scary Adventures will close forever at Magic Kingdom on May 31, Walt Disney World revealed Thursday.

As previously announced, the Fantasyland attraction, an opening-day feature of the theme park in 1971, will be replaced by Princess Fairytale Hall, a meet-and-greet area for Disney Princesses and guests.

The closing of Snow White's Scary Adventure is a side effect of the park's expansion of Fantasyland. That construction took over Mickey's Toontown Fair area last year and uprooted the princesses (and some fairies) from their home there.

Disney also announced that the first segment of the Fantasyland expansion — a portion of Storybook Circus — will open to guests in late March. This phase will include one of the two carousels that will make up the enhanced Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride, the rethemed Barnstormer roller coaster (to be called the Great Goofini) and a new Fantasyland Station of the Walt Disney World Railroad, which circles the theme park.
Eventually this area — essentially the old Toontown Fair — will have multicolored circus tents and other nods to Disney's animated "Dumbo" film, including the Casey Jr. locomotive.

The Fantasyland expansion also will feature the dark ride called Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid, a "Beauty and the Beast"-inspired section and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train roller coaster. No opening dates have been given for those attractions. or 407-420-5477

Friday, February 24, 2012

When The Worst Happens: Getting Bad News In Walt Disney World

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When The Worst Happens: Getting Bad News In Walt Disney World

    Talk to the closest Cast Member. I was in Harmony Barber Shop, and the parade was starting. My first thought was that I needed to call my sister, and I needed a quiet place to do so. The barber shop CMs were great (I’m sorry I don’t know anyone’s names – I was pretty out of it). First they offered tissues (greatly needed) and sympathy, and second their phone for any calls I needed to make. There was far too much happy noise around for talking to my sister, however, so they pointed me to my next step.

    Head to Guest Services. A quick walk across the street and I was in the hands of the professionals. As soon as I explained the situation to Guest Services they ushered me behind the counter and into a private room. I had access to a phone, a computer with internet access, several boxes of tissues, comfortable chairs and couches, and — most importantly to me — privacy and quiet.

    Spend time talking to family. If you’re ever alone during a family emergency, finding a quiet spot with a phone is the best thing you can do for yourself, even before you start handling details. No one knows what you’re going through like your own family. Disney was great about giving me the time I needed. They locked the door so no Cast Members would walk in accidentally and just let me have the room to myself. I was able to let my sister know what was going on and talk about arrangements with her – she reminded me of several things I would need to take care of, and we both just took some time to cry a little together. I was in there a good forty minutes to an hour, and was never disturbed.

    My dad, my sister and I on Splash Mountain
    My dad loved Splash Mountain. I'm on the left, my sister on the right.

    Handle travel arrangements. When I came out of the room, there had actually been a shift change at Guest Services. I was ready to explain everything again, but I think looking at my face was really all it took to get the gist – the woman I talked to was quick to be as helpful as she could. First, the ever-present tissues. Then we talked about how I was getting home. I did have a flight later that day, but she told me airlines have emergency policies that could get me on an earlier flight – possibly even with another airline if needed. We could look up the number and handle arrangements right there. It turned out that because of the lateness of the day and the fact that I needed to pick up my sister who was also flying home, my current flight was still the best for me.

    Close out your current vacation. As I was already on my last day at Disney, there wasn’t much I had to do here. The CM (whose name I really wish I could remember) asked if I had already checked out (I had) and if there was anything remaining on my tickets (I had an Annual Pass). Be sure to ask what happens here if you believe you’ll be entitled to a hotel or ticket refund.

    Figure out what happens now. When we’d finished with the details, the CM asked me an important question. “What else can I help you with?” There’s always odds and ends that need to be taken care of in situations like this. In my case, I hadn’t eaten all day, and I still had an hour before I needed to leave for the airport. I decided that if I had to be alone, worried about my dad, and waiting for an hour I’d rather be in the Magic Kingdom than the Orlando Airport. So I told her thank you and that I was going to go eat something.

    Here’s what she did: first she wrote up a pass for me to get $25 worth of food at any counter service. Then she put my name and address down and told me to check with Guest Services next time I was in the parks – “We’ll set something up for you – tickets, fastpasses, ice cream…hugs…” (I may have suggested the hugs.)

    Of course, I would never say that this is standard policy and everyone should expect free stuff when they’re having a bad day in the parks. But I for one was very grateful for the thought, and it makes sense that Disney doesn’t want a bad day to keep you away for good. It was kind of nice, in a blurry, tear-stained kind of way, to think about coming back when things got better.

    I spent an hour more in the park. I ate the same food I remember eating when my dad used to take me to Disney World as a child. I rode one of our shared favorite rides, the PeopleMover, over and over. Then I got in my car and drove to the airport to face the real world. You never want to be on the receiving end of a call like that. And I used to think it would ruin the good memories I had if I was in a place that I loved. But if I had to be by myself, out of town, and getting that news, I’m so glad it was while I was in Disney.

    Sarah’s dad, Gary Blagaich, passed away on January 27, 2012 at 60 years old. He was so proud that his daughter worked for When Sarah got to the hospital, she found that every doctor and nurse there knew exactly what she did for a living. He is greatly missed.

    Thursday, February 23, 2012

    The Magic of Disney

    The magic of Disney began for me as a small child anxiously watching The Wonderful World of Disney each week.   My mom took me to Walt Disney World in 1971 just after the opening of the park. I LOVED it! It was such a magical place. I absolutely LOVE all things Disney!

    We have been to Disney World more than 20 times and have stayed at most every resort.  This enables me to know the best resort to match your needs.  The experience I have gained first hand enables me to help create the most magical vacation for each and every person who books with me. I will create your vacation to your specific wants and needs. 

    One particular Disney Difference Moment for my family that really stands out, was when we were picked to be the "First Family" to open Hollywood Studios for the opening ceremony in 2006.  We got to go on the other side of the rope where the Cast Members are.  We were part of the opening act and got to ride on the little car with the Cast Member to choose a ride to ride before any other guests could ride.  My daughter, Kennady who was 4 at the time looked at the lady and loudly said, "Rock N Roller Coaster!!!!" The lady was astonished that a 4 year old would choose that very awesomely fast ride.  My son asked the Cast Member if she would like to ride with us and she told him that in all the years she had worked there, that he was the very first person who asked her that! She gave him a big hug and told him she would love to ride it with our family.  She sat several seats back so she would not be in our picture while on the coaster.  They gave us an 8x10 photo of us on the ride and sent it to Guest Services so we would not have to carry it with us.  We got to ride OUR VERY FAVORITE RIDE all by ourselves!! It was AWESOME!!! What a priceless memory to cherish! My kids still talk about it to this day.  Unfortunately, since the opening of Toy Story Mania they no longer do this with the guests. 

    My love of Disney continued into adulthood when I began taking my own children who love Disney World as much as I do. This excitement channeled into planning MAGICAL Disney vacations for others as well as my own family, co-workers, and friends.

    Now, as a mother of teenagers, I try to make sure that we go to Disney World as often as possible. There is NO place like Disney World in our opinion!

    I am excited to say I was able to sail on the Disney Dream Inaugural Cruise in January 2011!

    Disney cruises are AMAZING!!! I cannot wait to go on another one and take my family with me to experience the Disney difference.

    I am a College of Disney Knowledge Graduate, and have extensive knowledge of Disney. I specialize in hassle-free, personalized and immersive Disney vacation experiences. I am committed to putting together vacations that match the needs and wants of my clients no matter what they may be. My attention to detail enables me to make memorable vacations of a lifetime.

    I take care of all the details down to your dining reservations as well as making a personalized itinerary for each and every client. Disney Destinations are my passion! BEST OF ALL, my services are FREE!!! 

    I absolutely LOVE cruising! Disney Cruises are AMAZING!

    • Disney College of Knowledge Graduate
    • Working towards CLIA Accredited Cruise Counselor Status
    To book your next magical vacation please contact me! 

    Anna Mullins

    Vacation Planner

    423-227-6823 cell